Advent: The news!


I love reading the announcement by the angels – God’s heavenly messengers – to the shepherds – amongst the lowest of people in and around Bethlehem. Isn’t it wonderful? This is such a rich story to reflect on. I wonder how it must have felt to be the Shepherds? To imagine their daily lives and worries, their evenings around a fire watching the sheep. The sudden and terrifying interruption, followed by the best of news. Their first thoughts, their second thoughts, and so on throughout the whole night and days ahead. I wonder if any of them were still alive when Jesus’ ministry began?

Going deeper: read the whole of Luke 2:8-21 and see where you own “wonderings with God” take you in this story.

About expectantlylistening

Writing about my contemplative journey to come closer to Jesus. I hope to inspire and equip others on their journey.
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