I’ve never….

Journal - 5…done a parachute jump.

I don’t mind that. It’s not a big desire of mine, unlike my wanting to pick strawberries when I was a child. I used to be someone who had never picked strawberries. I can remember sitting in the back of our car on family holidays and reading Pick Your Own signs as we drove past strawberry farms.

I longed to stop and pick strawberries. It seemed as though it would be such fun. I thought it would be an adventure. But I do not remember ever asking my mum or dad if we could stop. I think I thought that they would say no.

Nowadays I go fruit picking with my children. It’s fun filling a basket with fruit, letting the littlest eat just a few, and having plenty of fruit for a few days of eating, and making jams, cakes, and ice cream – the value-adding as I think of it!

You’re never too old to enjoy simple childhood pleasures and summer days are perfect for sketching, reading novels, baking, playing games, splashing in a pool, growing seeds…and so much more. I wonder what childhood pastimes make you feel young again?

I’m slowly learning to ask for things, and overcome my fears of not wanting to be pushy or demanding, and realise that I’m just asking and just as I am free to ask, others are free to say no, and that’s ok too. It’s not a rejection, or a failure on my part. It’s natural.

About expectantlylistening

Writing about my contemplative journey to come closer to Jesus. I hope to inspire and equip others on their journey.
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