Psalm 23 video

He restores my soul

He restores my soul

We were staying in Yorkshire this weekend. It is very beautiful and on a walk through fields of sheep I pondered the words of Psalm 23.

I was reminded of Jesus’ care for us, and how he might use his staff to shove us out of the way of danger or his crook to, possibly quite roughly, hook us up out of a tight place.

My mind turned to mothering and how I am quick to turn to the Lord for leading, but do not often enough let him take me to green pastures and lead me beside refreshing streams.

As mothers, as well as being sheep we are also shepherds. I thought about David, and I reflected that when I think about shepherds I often think about the hard and dangerous work, and I was struck by the realisation that David also found quiet places and moments to rest, reflect, and worship God. He knew that he was equipped to fend off dangerous animals, he was confident in his ability, with God’s help, to care for his sheep. This must have given him a sense of peace throughout his days and nights. And when he found a safe pasture where his sheep were happy grazing, he was able to sit and soak up the beauty, to enjoy watching his beloved sheep, and to rest, sing and praise God.

I was reminded to be on the look out for these times of rest this summer and to take the time to really enjoy them, to dwell, to savour, to rest, and to praise God for these gifts. To appreciate my overflowing cup, and relish His anointing oil.

On the way back from the river I stopped for a moment to record Psalm 23 by a babbling stream, so that I can be transported back to the open countryside whenever my soul needs a rest. I hope that you might enjoy it too!

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Writing about my contemplative journey to come closer to Jesus. I hope to inspire and equip others on their journey.
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3 Responses to Psalm 23 video

  1. betsydecruz says:

    Beautiful post, Victoria. You encourage me to look for the quiet moments in the middle of the busy season I find myself in. 🙂 Loved hearing your voice.

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