To every thing there is a season

large_8363799485The changing seasons are one of the things I love about living in the UK. I love the sudden greenness of spring with it’s longer days and drying washing outdoors; the warmth of summer with fewer clothes, longer days and no socks to hang on the washing line; the beautiful colours of autumn and it’s promise of cosying up for winter; the winter which may bring with it wonderful snow!

Our lives too are made up of seasons. Like our seasons in the UK they are not always completely predictable, sometimes they overlap each other, and we may wonder some days if the warmth of the summer sun, or the crisp white snow will ever come. It’s been a quiet season here on this blog. Which has reflected a busy season for us at home. But not just busy, or perhaps more than busy.

At first I didn’t write because I was busy, but then I chose not to write because I wanted to focus on some things that would ultimately reduce our busyness. Finishing some of the essential things, without distractions; and making new choices. And in truth, that first part of not writing because I was busy was also partly a case of not writing because I had nothing to say. And that is the interesting part, which I am still exploring.

After working hard and being completely absorbed by my Lent book, I felt desperate to take in again. I felt hungry and thirsty for someone else’s words. Words that would refresh, refill, and re-inspire me. It was wonderful to dive into books, and even some other people’s blogs. But still I had nothing to say. How much of life have I really lived, that I have real wisdom to share? Do I really have anything unique or vitally valuable to share amongst the millions of voices on line and in print? Perhaps the world might be better served by my silence? And on the more positive flip-side of that equation; what about my real-life audience. The small number of people who I meet and interact with face to face. My family, and a few close friends. Perhaps they are enough. Perhaps giving myself to them is enough. More than enough, in fact, everything, all that is needed or required or desirable.

And so I am still quiet. But not quite silent! In the past few days I have wanted to write this out. And also wanted to share with anyone who does drop by some of the things I’m most enjoying in this season:

1. Sketching through Ephesians with Journal through the Bible at Stone Soup for Five

2. Getting out amidst the greenery, walking, reading and playing Uno at the park

3. Praying with clay on my spiritual formation course. I’d missed the last two classes to focus on finishing a work backlog and it felt like just the perfect session in which to rejoin

4. Reading wonderful books: How to Pray, I Shall be Near to You, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and the very light and enjoyable Anita Shreve

5. Fabulous read alouds that I missed reading when I was young: The Silver Sword, Snow Treasure, and Charlotte’s Web. All so rich and fun

6. Learning to ask “why did the author write this book” and loving how much more this makes the book linger with me after the last page

7. More on the reading theme – do check out the Read Aloud Revival – a wonderful podcast, my current joint favourite with Fountains of Carrots

8. Looking forward to making more time to pray, creatively and with others. Planning this week to finally dig into Lissy’s Lectio podcast.

How about you? What are you enjoying this season?

About expectantlylistening

Writing about my contemplative journey to come closer to Jesus. I hope to inspire and equip others on their journey.
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7 Responses to To every thing there is a season

  1. Lissy Clarke says:

    Lovely to see you pop up in the inbox, looking forward to catching up later, and thanks very much for the shout out!! Going to check out some of your other links as well. xxxx

  2. Constance says:

    Hello Sweet Friend Victoria!!!

    I just read your beautifully written words and realized you said exactly what I’ve been experiencing only in a better way than I could have ever expressed… I find we are so much alike, and yet you are the more amazing with words. I love it 🙂 and I praise our God for we shall always be special friends!


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  4. Constance says:

    Hi Victoria, even in your silence here – you have spoken such amazing words of wisdom to my heart. I pray you leave this blog available, even while you are in this season of silence, because your writings are still important, and even as you like to visit other blogs for inspiration, I love to visit your’s for the same reason in this season of my own.

    Blessings Sweet Friend,

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