Holy Week: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

"Kristus uddriver kræmmerne af templet" by Unknown  Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

“Kristus uddriver kræmmerne af templet” by Unknown
Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Jesus came to the temple in Jerusalem. The place, as a boy, he had called His Father’s House. In the temple he saw things that made him angry. He saw people buying and selling animals for sacrifices. The temple should have been a holy place, a place of prayer, not a place of business and especially not dishonest business.

Jesus chased them out of the temple. The Pharisees saw this taking place, and it confirmed their thoughts that something must be done about Jesus. He must be got rid of.

Can you imagine that you are in the temple watching this take place? Perhaps you were just about to buy a pigeon; perhaps you were a businessman, or maybe you were a priest working in the temple. Perhaps you too had been unhappy about what was happening, but had not known what to do.

The picture above shows the scene outside the temple as people tumble out. What do you notice in the picture?

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