A simple all age evening prayer at the More than Writers blog

Ignatius writes the Spiritual Exercises in the cave at Manresa.

Ignatius writes the Spiritual Exercises in the cave at Manresa.

Today I’m over at More than Writers sharing some thoughts about establishing a bedtime prayer habit with children. If you haven’t yet seen this site, it’s a great place to connect with more Christian writers and bloggers from the UK.


I have longed to establish a habit for bedtime prayers with and for our children. I have spent many hours wondering how best to do this; asking God, and questioning friends about what works for them. Some methods I’ve tried have felt too much like saying prayers by rote. On the other hand, leading our children, who share a bedroom, in individual prayers feels a little too public. They may not want to share deep feelings in earshot of their siblings and when one child says that they have nothing to say sorry for, others will be all too willing to remind them! Even I am tempted sometimes, when a child states that there is nothing that they need to say sorry for, to (not so gently) jog their memory!

Click here to read the rest over at More than Writers.

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