Advent Reflections: An all-age imaginative prayer


Throughout December I’m posting several Advent Reflections: some quotes, some images, some meditations. It’s not a series so feel free to dip in and out as and when you have a moment or are looking for new inspiration!

On Saturday we gathered together with six families at a beautiful country church to enter into Advent. I recorded this practice-run of my imaginative prayer exercise during my preparations and hope that you might enjoy it too.

The meditation was our first activity on Saturday. Afterwards we took a few minutes to record any words, phrases or images that had been important to us in a coloured booklet using chalks and metallic pens.


Then we moved slowly into the church in family groups. There was an interactive station set up for each family, which included a nativity set, Advent & Christmas books, a candle, a poetry prompt, and prints of Advent & Christmas Paintings. We were free to engage however we wished, or to use the prompts for each element. This was a lovely time to be together as a family, exploring Advent, and our spirituality.

knitted Advent station

at the stations

After about 20 minutes we gathered together again to pray and share a few ideas to take forward into Advent, including the Advent Calendar from Praying in Colour .

After a gold coin treasure hunt around the church garden to stretch our legs and move out of the quiet time we made Advent Wreaths to take home.

Advent Wreath

It was a lovely way to enter Advent as a family, make memories, and build a store that we can continue to draw on throughout Advent. I hope that some of these ideas and especially the audio might also be a blessing to you and your family.

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8 Responses to Advent Reflections: An all-age imaginative prayer

  1. Constance says:

    Victoria, I’m so glad to see pictures of your family at Advent – (just like my pictures – Mom is missing) 🙂 Thank you for giving us a visual of how the day went. I especially like how your Advent wreath turned out – it’s beautiful and the audio helped transport me, via a bridge, into your world of England into the heart of God… I love it – Advent all over the world 🙂 Thank you for sharing Jesus with me.


  2. Lissy Clarke says:

    So special! Loved it/love it! Xxx

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  4. progressoverperf says:

    What a fantastic way to set your focus on the real reason for Christmas! I’m impressed – lots of thought and work went into this evening. Can’t wait to listen to the full audio when I have more time to focus.
    I found you via the link up on Kincaid Parade. Hope you will stop by and say hello from your part of the world!

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