Making Advent Special: Final preparations

The Nativity, Arthur Hughes

The Nativity, Arthur Hughes

This is the last weekend before Advent starts!

During this weekend, or one day next week, make your final preparations for this holy time. It may be that you have some Christmas preparations still to make:

Writing cards

Buying presents


Menu planning

Calendar scheduling

I will be working on finishing off the top three!

Or you may want to revisit your plans for Advent itself, and gather together all that you will need for Advent: books, calendars, decorations, nativities, candles etc. Getting these things laid out will be my fun ‘reward’ for finishing shopping, writing and wrapping. What is your must have item for marking Advent?

Next week I will be sharing a couple of posts about entering Advent; and during Advent itself I will be posting several Advent reflections. It won’t be a series as such so you can dip in and out as you have time amongst any more structured resources you’ll be using.

Thank you so much for joining me with these preparations, and especially for sharing your own tips and ideas. It has been fun to journey together, and you have really helped keep me motivated and on-task these past few weeks. And now I am super excited to return to some more inspired posting!

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Writing about my contemplative journey to come closer to Jesus. I hope to inspire and equip others on their journey.
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7 Responses to Making Advent Special: Final preparations

  1. betsydecruz says:

    Hi Victoria. I’m planning on taking advantage of a week off of school at Thanksgiving to do a bit of Christmas shopping. (Even while I’m out grocery shopping, it’s easy enough to stop and do some other errands as well.) I love Thanksgiving, so often I’m caught unawares for Advent when Thanksgiving is over, but I want to at least get out my Jesse tree ornaments and get out a nativity set or two during Thanksgiving break.

  2. That sounds like a great plan, and I can imagine it must be hard to think about Christmas preparations when you’re still preparing for Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  3. Thanks for your motivation as well! I finally wrote myself a “to do” list, which I usually avoid. My motto is that if there has to be a list than it’s not simple enough! (I’m getting this feeling I may have already said this to you?! Well…) But I just needed to write it all down in my head once so I could decide what could be kicked off the list! We’re drawing names from a hat for gifts. It’s getting to be a bit much for me as the kiddos get bigger–no more two day projects for tiny people! This means only one special gift to prepare. The rest of the handmade treasures will have to wait for other celebrations–or just because moments.

    I am so looking forward to writing (and reading!) about Advent!

  4. Lissy Clarke says:

    Love that image! Gorgeous

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