Making Advent Special: Wrap as you go

How is your shopping going? Are you nearly done? It’s a short sweet tip today: ‘try to wrap as you go!’

If you’re doing all your shopping in one go, this might be tricky, but if you can wrap everything up before you tuck it all away it is such a good time-saver. If that’s not possible add to your calendar day a wrapping date later this month.

If you are shopping more gradually, or if your online orders are arriving slowly one by one, try to pack them as they arrive.

It’s easier said than done I know, I already have a cupboard full of presents and 3 parcels that I’m refusing to open because I want to wrap them straight away (if I open them I will have to add them to the cupboard away from peeking eyes!). I am determined this week to tick wrapping off my to-do list!

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Writing about my contemplative journey to come closer to Jesus. I hope to inspire and equip others on their journey.
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5 Responses to Making Advent Special: Wrap as you go

  1. Constance says:

    Wow Victoria! You are moving right along! I love it and I love the faithful reminders. I’m still working on my cards, but I know when Jesus’ Birthday arrives, we will be ready to celebrate. One thing I like to do, as you mentioned above, is to have a wrapping date. We draw names for gifts. So my husband and our two boys draw girls names and go shopping together, and wrap together, and our two girls and I do the same. Just talking about it makes me excited for Christmas! Have a happy and thankful day!


    • That does sound like such a lovely day. It’s great to make the preparations as fun and celebratory as the day itself I do think. And I love your reminder that no matter what is or isn’t done we will all be ready to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday when it comes; and we can come to Him just as we are. That is the most important thing to keep in mind amongst all the preparations and busy-ness. I have written your sentence in my journal!

  2. You are both way ahead of me! I haven’t even ordered our cards yet or taken the holiday photo! But, thankfully we keep the gifting pretty simple so there is not much wrapping. Sneaking off to different rooms the whole family can wrap up all the gifts in a couple of hours. I better get started on our cards though! I am starting to feel that bit of anxiety that creeps in, wondering if it will all get done in a timely manor. And I prefer for that not to be there so that my heart is ready for the inner birth of Christmas. Hubbie and kids are off school for the week next week, so hopefully I’ll have time for catch up before Advent starts.

    Thanks for keeping us all on track 😉

    • Hi Coco, Hope you do get that time to catch up next week, although I am sure the Thanksgiving holiday will also require some of your attention! I too am starting to feel the anxiety, and trying to stave it off! Even if we’re not quite ready for 1 December, there will not be too much left to do and so we can fit it into Advent without it taking over, and that’s the real goal!
      Every blessing xx

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