Making Advent Special: Write your Cards

Photo Credit: Lua Ahmed via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Lua Ahmed via Compfight cc

If you’ve got your cards ready then now is the time to start writing them. Address them too, add the stamps and they’ll be all ready to post out in December.

Keep separate any cards for overseas that you need to post early, and even write the posting date on the envelope to remind you when to post them.

To make it special, take time to pray for the recipients as you write, listen to some festive music or watch a favourite Christmas film.

This is also a good time to pack up any parcels that you need to post and consider sending them off early to beat the Christmas queues at the post office.

And, if you’re reading this and thinking ‘arrrghhh! No! Stop! I haven’t got my cards ready!’ Please: breathe; and don’t panic! A few people have shared with me this week that these posts have them feeling overwhelmed, and have credited me with some super-human powers for being nearly ready for Christmas. And so…here is the newsflash – I am not superhuman! I don’t have it all together, I promise 🙂 And I am most definitely not yet ready for Christmas! I have not finished my shopping; I have not bought my stamps; I have not made anything yet; and I have started thinking what I might let go of and cross off my to-do list in the interests of peace and sanity! I do still hope to be ready by 1 December, but am very relieved that I still have 2 weeks to meet that goal!

Finally; if and when I am finally caught up, then if I am ‘ahead’ of you it is because  there is something else that you have been doing that I have not been doing. And it may well be something more significant and eternally valuable than writing Christmas cards! You are amazing, and doing amazing things, the things that are right for you just now x

Have a blessed and peaceful weekend x

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3 Responses to Making Advent Special: Write your Cards

  1. Constance says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Once again you have given me a great reminder – I almost forgot to start making my Christmas cards, because we have been so busy around here. I only just decorated for Thanksgiving last night 🙂 In your writing I remember one thing our family does with incoming Christmas cards from family and friends: I hang a long pretty ribbon – one of those really wide ones – down a wall in our dining/kitchen area with a little twig of holly at the top for decoration. As the cards come in, I staple them down the ribbon. Then we can see them and prayer over each of the families through the holidays. 🙂 Thank you for another great post!


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