Making Advent Special: Catch up Day

WP_20140701_004Today is catch up day. Is there anything that you’ve got behind on? Or is there something that you need to do for Christmas that I haven’t yet covered in this series?

Here’s a quick reminder of our activities so far:

Choosing Christmas Cards & wrapping

Making and shopping for your gift lists

Planning your Christmas Calendar

Planning your Christmas menus

Choosing resources for a holy Advent 

I’m a little behind myself and wanting to catch up particularly with my presents and shopping lists.  I need to rewrite my list tidily to see where there is still an idea or two missing, and check what is already bought and what is still to get. I also need to pull all my stocking presents out of the wardrobe to check I’ve got everything I need.

If you’re all up to date, you might have time to stare into the sky for a few minutes today and cloud-watch!

About expectantlylistening

Writing about my contemplative journey to come closer to Jesus. I hope to inspire and equip others on their journey.
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7 Responses to Making Advent Special: Catch up Day

  1. Lissy Clarke says:

    Yes! I am behind! I have written about three Pressie ideas on a list and that is it :/ not looking like it will be a terribly peaceful advent here….

  2. kelrohlf says:

    Victoria- Thanks to your blog posts …I am feeling prepared and progressing along…I was thinking about Christmas cards and possibly using one of my collages for a card design…also went back to the devotion post…and love the pray as you go link…I have been interested in the Ignatian Spirituality and now I have a new resource…I love the music and meditations…I just noticed the examen bookmark at the bottom of your page…has it always been there?

    • Hi Kel, glad you’re on track- well done! A collage Christmas card design would be beautiful. Are you thinking of using one of your Advent designs or a new design?

      Ignatius spirituality is very special. Lissy (above) introduced me to it, including the examen when she led a group of us through his spiritual exercises last Lent. It was very special. (I think you’d like her site, it’s in a winter hibernation for a short while, but there are some lovely archives of Lectio Davina podcasts).

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