Making Advent Special: Christmas Shopping

Photo Credit: dave416 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: dave416 via Compfight cc

Now that you have completed your gift list, it’s time to plan your shopping trip(s).

Start by looking down your list and marking the items that you’ll buy online. You might want to set aside an afternoon or evening to order everything in one go; or visit one online store each evening next week.

For the shops that you want to visit in person, how will you shop? Will you book out a day in your diary later this month to go shopping? Is this something that you’d like to do together with a friend or your husband? Do you also need to take your children shopping to choose the presents that they will be giving?

It can seem quite overwhelming to try to buy everything off your list in one go, and if you have the chance to shop often, e.g. at lunchtime or on the way home from the school-run, for example, you might want to make several smaller trips instead. When my children were toddlers I used to walk into town several times a week and visit a maximum of 3 shops – as much as we could all cope with on the way to the library or park – but it got the job done in a few weeks with minimum stress. There was also a year when I really couldn’t face the shops and I did ALL my shopping online one Saturday afternoon!

I already have a few packages that have been delivered and I’m planning a final online shop tomorrow and real-time shopping next Friday, plus a couple of Saturday trips with my children to help them buy their presents for each other.

Enjoy planning and then completing your shopping – and smile because this is a BIG one to cross off your list!

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7 Responses to Making Advent Special: Christmas Shopping

  1. Ack! The shopping is the worst part, I think. What we can’t make with our hands, we order online. I cut and paste pictures for the kids of items from our favorite catalogs that are within our budget for them to choose for each other. Then I await the packages in peace. Even the holiday fair at our Waldorf school is a little too crazy for little ones! I did love Christmas shopping once upon a time. Maybe I will again when life is not so busy already.

    Thanks for sharing how you manage it all!

    • Yes, it does improve again 🙂 in the meantime awaiting the packages in peace is definitely the best option!

      On Tuesday evening driving home with one of my children I had a lovely conversation about the gifts he’d like to get for his brothers that would be in budget and I’m really looking forward to shopping with him on Saturday, so it’s not long until things change around!

  2. I like to do more shopping online now; wish I could do it all that way. I really detest shopping. It’s my least favorite thing about Christmas, and I tend to put it off until early December, then take one day with my husband and knock out the bulk of it. This definitely is a big one to cross off the list!

  3. kelrohlf says:

    Well…I do love shopping…both online and in person…sometimes I buy things earlier in the year and then I have to find them again…but I have two places that I stash so usually I can find them again…but online is the easiest…this year I am doing some online, some here in town and some from Florida ( because we will be away I want to send home some beachy surprises to my sisters, mom and the nieces and nephews) I am getting stocking stuffers for our grown sons prepped now…FUN!

    • That will be so fun to send beachey surprise! Stockings are great fun too. Enjoy all your planning and shopping, I love online too – so fun to unwrap all those packages and then wrap them for the recipients!

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