Happy Christmas!


Happy Christmas! Thank you so much for following along with these Advent prompts. Have a wonderful 12 days of Christmas!

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Advent: Christmas Eve


Silent Night is one of my favourite carols, it’s beauty feels so tangible to me when I hear it played.

Going deeper: I’ve been following along with Dawn’s Christmas journalling and enjoyed her wonderful Christmas songs prompt. Perhaps you’d like to use it today too? Here’s a picture I created after that journalling session:

Silent Night

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Advent: The news!


I love reading the announcement by the angels – God’s heavenly messengers – to the shepherds – amongst the lowest of people in and around Bethlehem. Isn’t it wonderful? This is such a rich story to reflect on. I wonder how it must have felt to be the Shepherds? To imagine their daily lives and worries, their evenings around a fire watching the sheep. The sudden and terrifying interruption, followed by the best of news. Their first thoughts, their second thoughts, and so on throughout the whole night and days ahead. I wonder if any of them were still alive when Jesus’ ministry began?

Going deeper: read the whole of Luke 2:8-21 and see where you own “wonderings with God” take you in this story.

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Advent: it’s all about the light!


I think that this may be my favourite of all the verses we have reflected on during Advent. I won’t be adding more text to our reflections today: this verse is enough: “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”  John 1:15

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Advent: Listen to Him


This week our Advent images move ever closer to the nativity story of Christmas night; to the birth of Jesus. But first, today and tomorrow, let us pause again and remember just who we are waiting for.

The verse above is another one that stood out strongly to me during Constance’s Gospel Read Through in October. It made me reflect on Jesus role as a Wonderful Counsellor; on who it is we should focus on pleasing and following; and it also brings to mind this verse, which I think brings even more closely into focus  the instruction that is held here for us:

He was still speaking when, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.

Matthew 17:5

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Advent: Star of Wonder


As I joined Constance for the Gospel Read Thru in October this verse leapt out to me from Matthew 2 and I had to create a picture to hang up at home. It’s been up ever since, waiting for this Advent season!

I particularly like the superlativeness of this translation in the ESV:




Going deeper: Read the whole of Matthew 2

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Advent: Prophecy fulfilled


In these carols we hear prophecies fulfilled. Political events took place that brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, the City of David, for Jesus’ birth.

I love to pause and wonder at these events. How big and unexpected they must have seemed to Joseph and Mary. And yet how God knew about them thousands of years before! This brings me great comfort when I am thrown into turmoil by unexpected events, knowing that they are not unexpected to God, my saviour, shepherd, counsellor, and provider.

Going deeper: Play some carols today at home or in the car, and reflect on the words of your favourite Christmas songs.

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Advent: Mary’s Song


Did you have chance to read the whole of Luke 1 yesterday? It is so full of mystery and wonder, not least the encounter between Mary and Elizabeth; and also between their unborn babies!

Going deeper: As we approach Christmas perhaps you would like to write your own song to the Lord; recounting and giving thanks for all the great things He has done for you this year, for all His mercies, and His faithful presence with you through difficulties. Perhaps you are in a season where it is difficult or painful to give thanks. Try to, if you can, but if you can’t do not despair: open and pour out your heart to God, no matter how sad, angry, or bitter your thoughts or words seem in confidence that God can handle them with tender, loving grace.

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Advent: Mary


This week our pictures and verses begin to see the Christmas story unfold. I wonder which gospel account is your favourite?

Going deeper: Read the whole of Luke 1, or your favourite gospel account of the first Christmas.

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Advent: He came to us


This verse from a later point in John 1 takes us back to the Word; to Jesus, part of the divine trinity that became flesh, fully human, and lived on earth amongst people just like you and me.

Isn’t this amazing? I don’t know about you, but I struggle to really imagine Jesus as a person that I might meet, walk with, and witness doing miraculous things.

Take a moment today to review events of the past day in your mind, and as you do so imagine Jesus walking alongside you. Notice what he is doing, listen to what he says, and wonder at the moments and places where he brings a miraculous touch.

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